Best Water Dropper for Whiskey

If you plan to make your favorite bourbon whiskey at home, you will first need to line up all the essential raw materials. There is no doubt that you will buy the best American or European white oak barrels along for aging whiskey. Sometimes we can miss out on a minute hole or screw while making a beautiful muscle car. The same concept applies here as one can easily miss out on a drop of water in whiskey. When you are shopping for all the ingredients, make sure that you select a water dropper for whiskey.

Adding water to whiskey can produce two results: it can either make it taste special or spoil the whiskey’s entire taste. Therefore, you have to select a crystal water dropper for whiskey to ensure that you add the right drop of water into whiskey. Let us get into some of the best water droppers for whiskey you can shop online.

#1. Angel’s Share Glass Dropper With Pot Still Top

When the concern is about shopping for the right whiskey water dropper, Angel’s share glasses from whiskey lead with one product from their franchise entering our list. They consider that they have a 2% share in your favorite whiskey as you use their water dropper to make your whiskey feel good.


Hand-Blown Whiskey Water Dropper: One of the best features of this glass whiskey dropper with pot still on top is that adding one drop of water with this dropper can ultimately change the composition of your favorite drink.

Luxurious: The product also comes in luxurious packing and lavish designs, making it perfect for gifts.

Dimensions: 8.66 inches height, 1.38-inch dropper diameter, and 2.17-inch belly diameter.

Official Product: The product also comes with official Angel’s share glass, which makes it perfect for all sorts of certifications. Also, it is made in Scotland, which adds to the authenticity of the magnificent product.


  • One drop can change the composition of whiskey and make it smooth to drink.
  • Luxurious gift option for whiskey lovers.
  • Beautiful designs.
  • Rich packaging.


  • Expensive.
  • It can be too big for modern distilleries.
  • A great gift for people who love flamboyant water droppers.

#2. Angel’s Share Glass Water Dropper

If you have a friend or relative who loves whiskey, then gifting them a bottle of bourbon is not a new idea, while gifting an oak barrel can be much more heavy and expensive. Therefore, a water dropper or whiskey is the right gift for the whiskey lover in your circle. Angel’s share glass is well-experienced in selling whiskey gifts in Scotland. Let us understand the features of Angel’s Share crystal water dropper for whiskey.

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Material: Made from pure glass, which increases the durability of the fragile water dropper

Made In Scotland: The Angel’s glass share water dropper is made in Scotland.

Applications: One of the best features of the glass dropper is using it in various bars to make one favorite drink with ease.


  • Made with durable glass.
  • Made in Scotland.
  • A great option for whiskey gifts.


  • Light-weight.
  • Easily breakable.
  • It can be expensive if you order it from a different country as delivery charges can shoot up high.

#3. EISCH Platinum Pipette

EISH Platinum Whiskey pipette water dropper for whiskey and scotch is the best option if you are looking for online whiskey gifts. All the EISH platinum whiskey pipettes are manufactured with a special type of glass, making the pipette durable. Both the ends of the pipette are also heated to ensure that they don’t break easily. The hand pipette is also handcrafted with platinum to ensure that every drop that passes through its cavity adds flavor and adds melodious composition to your favorite bourbon whiskey at home. Let us check the features of this amazing product.


Instructions on how to use: Undoubtedly, whiskey has high alcohol content. Therefore, it can dominate the flavors. Most whiskey lovers love to add spring water or mineral water drop by drop to lighten the alcoholic tone of the whiskey. Moreover, the EISCH whiskey pipette also ensures that you don’t disturb the flavors of the whiskey.

Premium Quality: The EISH whiskey pipettes are made by only exiting traditional glass manufacturers in Germany. They have been in the glass product industry since 1946.

Certifications: EISCH is not a newcomer in the industry as the brand has also bagged several national and international awards by outperforming their toughest contenders in the league.

Maintenance: You should only clean the EISCH platinum water dropper by hand.

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  • A great choice for a father’s day gift.
  • Made in Germany.
  • Safe to use.
  • Premium quality.


  • Very heavily priced.
  • Delicate product.
  • Keep the products far ahead of reach of children or pets as glass can break and can cause severe injuries.
  • One should wash the product only with one hand.

#4. Whiskey Tasting Set With Water Dropper From Angel’s Share

We are sure either you have to go for EISCH or Angel’s share glass when the concern is about shopping for the best whiskey gifts. Both the companies are professionals and highly trusted in manufacturing glass gifts. If you are looking for a perfect gift for your whiskey lover, then a whiskey tasting set with a water dropper from Angel’s share glass is what you will need. Let us check out the amazing features of this brand.


Hand Blown Whiskey Water Dropper:  A trademark water dropper along with whiskey tasting set from Angel’s share glass.

Scottish by Birth: Every product from Angel’s share glass is handcrafted in a unique family studio in Scotland.

Deluxe Packaging: Sometimes, a great gift can spoil with poor packaging; hence the luxurious packaging makes the vintage style product complement each other.


  • Made in Scotland.
  • Whiskey tasting set along with water dropper.
  • Perfect choice for whiskey gifts.
  • Safe shipping.


  • Very highly-priced.
  • 1 Kilogram total product weight, which is too heavy.
  • Delicate products can break easily.

Buyer’s Guide: Real Reason Why You Should Add Water to Whiskey?

True whiskey lovers would always recommend you to add a couple of drops of water to whiskey. If you have ever heard about the phrase, “take up the whiskey,” it defines the drop or couple of water additions in the whiskey.

Science Behind Water Dropper for Whiskey

Science Behind the Addition of Water in Whiskey

According to research, a guaiacol compound moves to the surface of the whiskey as it is responsible for the peaty smell and taste of the whiskey. When there is no water in whiskey, the guaiacol compound moves away from the surface as alcohol floats on the surface. In other words, the addition of water to whiskey brings the peaty smell back to the surface as the alcohol settles down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Add Water to Whiskey?

Water moves the alcohol away from the surface and brings the peaty smell and essence to the whiskey. Most people also like to add ice to whiskey, but it doesn’t have a clear composition of liquid which increases the risk of spoiling the taste of the whiskey. When you add water to whiskey, you disturb the molecular level of the whiskey. Therefore, you have to ensure that you add the right type and the right amount of water to the whiskey.

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How to Add Water to Whiskey?

You have to use a whiskey water dropper to add water to the whiskey. The addition of the water blends the perfect taste of different aromas in the whiskey. Dip the water dropper or pipette in the glass of water and press your finger at the top to suck the water into the tube. Without removing the finger, add drop by drop water to the whiskey to blend a perfect flavor. The key to perfect addition to water is the way you adjust your finger. If you have ever participated in a school chemistry experiment, you will easily add water to whiskey.

What Type of Water Should One Add to Whiskey?

You don’t have to be a hydro-expert and add your basic water to the whiskey. You can use normal drinking water for your whiskey. The concern for most of the distillers is what amount of water is perfect for their whiskey. One has to consider various factors like the amount of alcohol present inside decides the true essence of the spirit.

Most people love to use spring water or mineral water. Some people also like to shop for Kentucky water which is perfect for whiskey.


Adding water to whiskey can be a daunting task if you don’t use the right pipette. Moreover, there is no compulsion that you must go with the lavish options mentioned in the article. You can also bring a basic normal eye-dropper from your nearest pharmacy store to add water to whiskey in the right quantity. We hope you enjoyed the article, and you can also shop for the products mentioned above if you are looking for the best whiskey gifts.